Women Empowerment

What is Women Empowerment

Refers to strengthening the social, economic and educational powers of women. It refers to an environment where there is no gender bias and where women have equal rights in community, society, business and workplaces.

The Challenges / Barriers of Women Empowerment

Superiority complex among the males

Because of the inherent superiority complex among the males, It is often a challenge for their female counter-parts to rise as high as them.

Domestic Responsibilities

High level of domestic responsibilities pose a major challenge to women in their bid to explore their dreams.

Cultures and religious orientations

Restrictions to participate in social and economic activities among certain cultures and religious orientations.

Societal Barriers

Society itself has set inherent barriers for women not to aspire to go into certain spheres or areas dominated by men.

Solutions to Mitigate the Barriers to Women Empowerment


Educate and encourage women to take up the challenge of venturing into the men dominated areas and making an impact.

Support System

Empowering them by supporting their visions and providing resources where necessary for better achievements.

Public Campaign

Education through mass communication is very important. Both women and men should be made aware of their responsibilities to promote and practice gender-equality.

Gather National Data for Decision Making

Gather national data and identify the areas where instances of gender-inequality are the most. This data can be used by the Government, NGOs and field workers to raise the status of women.