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In line with our vision to become the preferred non-life insurer for women, Activa International Insurance (AIIG) has partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a member organization of the World Bank group, to develop a program designed to address the needs of women.

Ghana is poised to become the fastest growing economy in the world and women contribute significantly to this even at the lowest socioeconomic levels. Women make up about 49.1% of the total population in Ghana and own about 46.4% of small and medium scale businesses in the country, the highest in the world.

Yet they are faced with present and future risk ranging from home management, health, security and safety, financial independence, accessing information and lack of strong support systems.

With the guidance of IFC’s industry expertise and extensive research on women, Activa International Insurance, has developed the Activ’Lady Program, the first of its kind in Ghana.

The Activ’Lady Program seeks to impact on the lives of women in Ghana regardless of their social background or life stage by providing solutions that will empower them to bring an active change in their lives and drive the agenda for financial inclusion. It creates a platform for women to learn, network and share valuable experiences that adds value to every facet of their lives.

The program also involves a strategy and customer value proposition that serves women entrepreneurs and professionals, creating a platform for them to grow their businesses beyond subsistence levels. It provides them with systems and structures that facilitate effective risk management and business growth while developing a more equal gender representation and distribution in the Ghanaian workforce.

Our mission

To be the non-life insurer and Activ’ partner of women in Ghana

Why are we different?

  • Business Planning

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  • Taxes and Business Finance

Our vision

To partner with women in Ghana regardless of social background and life stages; empowering them to bring Activ’ change in their lives